Aim For Realistic Fat Loss. Step 3

Please have your copied Body Fat Chart information handy. It will play an important part in determining if your weight loss goal is realistic and healthy.

Okay, you know how much weight you want to lose. Now what?

* Note that weight loss and fat loss are two different things.

Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because you see either of the following on your body? Waving triceps, love handles, double chin, cellulite, saddle bags, potbelly, etc.

Well guess what? They are all fat and that’s why a person needs to aim to lose fat and not weight.

Just because you are (this weight), it doesn’t mean that you have to lose (this amount). Why? Because, your body fat percentage determines how much you need to lose.

The weight number you see, when you step on a scale is divided into two categories (Pounds of Lean body mass(Muscles) and Pounds of body fat).

To find out how much of your weight is fat and muscle, use this formula.

Weight x body fat percentage = Pounds of fat on your body

Weight – Pounds of fat = Pounds of Lean body mass

Say, Jane Doe weighs 200 pounds and her body fat percentage is 35%. What does this mean?

It means that Jane Doe is carrying 70 pounds of fat and 130 pounds of lean body mass.

200 x 35% (.35) = 70 pounds of body fat

200 – 70 = 130 pounds of lean body mass

Important Note: Every body needs fat on it to survive.

Jane Doe can not aim to lose 70 pounds. I don’t care if the ideal body chart says she’s suppose to be 130 pounds or less. The body fat percentage determines how much weight a person needs to lose to be healthy.

If a person’s weight loss goal number is the exact amount or higher than the amount of pounds of fat on their body, their weight loss goal is unrealistic and unhealthy. A close number to the amount of pounds of fat on their body can be unrealistic and unhealthy as well.

Here is a formula for everyone to use to determine if their weight loss goal is realistic. This formula is to be used, if the weight loss goal is way lower or kind of close to the amount of pounds of body fat on their body.

Current weight – weight loss goal = Future Weight

Future weight – lean body mass = Remaining pounds of body fat

Remaining pounds of body fat / Future Weight = Future Body fat percentage

Example: Say Jane Doe looked at her 200 pound body and decided that she wanted to lose 60 pounds. Will a 60 pound loss be unrealistic and unhealthy for her? Lets keep in mind that Jane Doe weighs 200 pounds and her body fat percentage is 35%, making her have 70 pounds of body fat and 130 lean body mass.

200 (Current Weight) – 60 (Weight loss goal) = 140 (Future Weight)

140 (Future Weight) – 130 (lean body mass) = 10 (Remaining pounds of body fat)

10 (Remaining pounds of body fat) / 140 (Future Weight) = 7 (Future Body Fat Percentage).

Any body fat percentage under 10% for women is too low and very dangerous.

So, this means that a 60 pound weight loss goal for Jane Doe will be unrealistic and unhealthy.

Now, say she wanted to loss 50 pounds. That would be a good amount of weight to lose.

Lets look at the math.

200 (Current Weight) – 50 (Weight loss goal) = 150 (Future Weight)

150 (Future Weight) – 130 (lean body mass) = 20 (Remaining pounds of body fat)

20 (Remaining pounds of body fat) / 150 (Future Weight) = 13 (Future Body Fat Percentage).

If Jane Doe loss 50 pounds of body fat, it will give her a 13% body fat percentage and that’s a good healthy percentage for a woman to have.

I know that I have shared a lot of information with you all, but trust me, if a person goes by the amount of pounds of body fat on their body, instead of the whole number they see on a scale, they will get healthy in God.

Remember fat loss and weight loss are two different things. Fat loss shrinks the body and it can do so, without the whole number on the scale moving.

That’s the reason why I focus on my inches and body fat percentage. They let me know that I am heading in the right direction.

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Get To Know Your Body. Step 2

I strongly believe that a person that wants to get healthy needs to know three important things about their body, before they start on their fat loss journey. Notice that I have said fat loss and not weight loss. True weight loss is about losing fat and not weight. Everyone can lose weight within minutes. Example: Water weight. Aim for fat loss, you will never go wrong there.

Get a sheet of paper and pen or pencil to write down your information. This paper is to be used for math. I’ll explain in a future post.

1. Their starting weight.

2. Their measurements.

3. Their Body fat percentage.

Invest in your fat loss. Buy a good cheap scale. A measuring tape (You can find them at the Dollar Tree for a dollar). As for a body fat instrument – if you can afford it, buy a body fat scale, a hand held body fat monitor or caliper like you see the woman using in the picture. I have a body fat scale and an Accu Measure caliper like she’s using in the picture.

A person can always just buy a measuring tape from the Dollar Tree or anywhere else where they are cheap and get their weight and body fat percentage from one of those “Have You Checked Your Weight Today” machines that you see in some stores. All the machines don’t have the body fat percentage option. I think the machines still charge 25 cents for just weight and 50 cents for both weight and body fat percentage. I know back in the day, they would print out your results. I don’t know about today. So, if you are going to go this route, bring your math paper with you to write down your results.

If you are a gym member, I believe you can have someone weigh you, take your measurements and use a device to let you know what your body fat percentage is.

I don’t know what all parts of your body you want to measure, but I measure only three parts of my body. My chest, my waist and my thighs. I know some other women measure other parts of their bodies and that’s fine.

I will share two links that will help a man or woman learn how to take their own measurements.

How to take measurements and where:

Pictures of measurement areas on Women and Men

I want to share the body fat percentage chart with you all. You can write the information down or print out the chart. This information is very important to know.

Body Fat Percentage Chart

Okay, after you find out all three important information about your body and wrote them down on your math sheet of paper, I want you to write: How much weight I want to lose: and write down the number.

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I Want To Lose Weight, What Should I Do? Step 1

Okay, you’ve looked at yourself and said “I want to lose weight.”

This is the first thing that you need to do:

* Ask yourself, why do you want to lose weight.

Some people want to lose weight for the wrong reasons. Below is a list of wrong reasons:

1. To be able to fit into cute clothes. Facts. A. Cute clothes comes in everyone’s present size, so there shouldn’t be a problem with anyone dressing cute. B. A person can’t work with a future body, without first working with a present body.

2. For another person(Broad Statement). True love is size blind.

3. To be fine. That’s pride and God doesn’t like pride.

Being healthy should always be the reason why, a person wants to lose weight.

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